Valentine's Day Gift Guide

From the extraordinary to the quirky, we’re taking a look at some of our most unique framing projects and the stories behind them. 

We’re all about celebrating love in its many forms and there’s no better holiday to do that on than Valentine’s Day. Trust us, we’ve seen it all over the last 40 years - from framing a positive pregnancy test to a completed Scrabble game. But this year, we’re rounding up just a few of our favorites to inspire ideas - whether you’re a newlywed looking to celebrate that special day or in search of a laugh out loud moment for your Valentine.


Framed Wedding Invitation

Newlyweds Logan and Jaime took advantage of one of our many wedding framing options, electing to frame the invitation from their January wedding by floating the two-part invite on textured linen matting in a custom lacquer frame. Beyond invitations, our framers have helped couples celebrate a multitude of other love declarations, including first date movie ticket stubs and corks from celebratory engagement wine and champagne bottles. And for the truly committed spouse, there’s always wedding dress framing.


Framed Etsy Art

This couple found an Etsy artist to create a custom embroidered portrait incorporating a motif that they used throughout their wedding. Using a warm grey Italian veneered frame with silver accent, they created a romantic memento that doesn’t overtly scream wedding and lets their personalities shine through. Not to mention just being a cool piece of art. 


Framed Text Message Conversation

hose hilarious text or chat exchanges you don’t ever want to delete? Or (especially in the smartphone era) your first date planning? Now you can preserve it forever. Whether for your favorite #galentine, best friend or your significant other, this is both a playful and thoughtful way to show just how much you value them.

What's not to love? Contact us today for a quote or ask us how to turn your romantic keepsake into a Valentine's Day "wow" moment.