Best Framer In Chicago

The biggest difference between this frame shop and others may be its staff. Everyone touching your heirloom photograph, print or other 2D treasure has been or still is a gallerist or artist and likely has more than a decade of framing experience.

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Chicago’s Framing Master Celebrates 40 Years

When Jay Goltz decided to start a picture framing business right out of college, his family and friends thought he was wasting his degree. Forty years later, Artists Frame Service is the largest framing store in the country and one of a few keeping the art of framing alive.

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Small Is The New Big

Jay Goltz proved that you can do artistic work and also make a profit. Called the Henry Ford of framing, Goltz set up his shop to take advantage of his employees' strengths.

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Chicago Entrepreneur Helped Turn Warehouse District Into A Thriving Area

Jay Goltz started selling picture frames when he was in college. At 22 he took the little money he had and sunk it into a business he didn’t even know could work, but it did. And 40 years later, Goltz is still framing, but he’s also into furniture, art and real estate.

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Jay Goltz By The Numbers

Interiors Chicago explores Jay Goltz by the numbers, from how many years it took Artists Frame Service to become the largest custom framing business in the country to how long his average employee is with the company.

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Jay Goltz On The Future Of Framing

Picture Framing Magazine profile’s CEO Jay Goltz

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A Framed Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Follow Haute Tempered’s Molly Tullis’s framing experience with a selection of pieces she framed from her travels.

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