Custom Gallery Walls 

Unforgettable moments. Extraordinary designs. Our custom gallery walls will turn any house into a home.

Sure, our gallery frames and packages make it easy. But there’s nothing quite like a custom installation designed exactly for you. Whether you’ve got a specific look in mind or are dealing with a unique space, our vast selection, expert consultants and (of course) delivery and installation can’t be beat.

How To Design The Perfect Gallery Wall


Frame What You Love

The number one rule of framing? Frame what you love and love what you frame. We once had a foodie client frame a collection of menus she had been saving for years from her favorite restaurants all over the world. 

Gallery walls don’t have to be perfectly planned or polished. As long as it’s something you love and will smile at when you walk by, you’ve nailed it.


Master The Mix

This one is important as it’s the mix of sizes, shapes and finishes that make a gallery wall look collected and personal. Remember, variety is the spice of life. But more importantly, you won’t be up the creek without a paddle when you can’t find the same exact frame style five years from now.

Just make sure it fits with the overall vibe of your home and you’ll be set.


Let It Evolve 

Don’t stress too much about it being perfect. Hang it and love it! The best gallery walls will continue to evolve over time. 

After all, it’s a reflection of you and what you love.

Have a gallery wall project in mind?

Get in touch or come see us at any of our locations. We’ll be waiting with our sketch books and tape measurers to help you plan it.