Meet Our Highland Park Framers


Gabby - Framing Consultant

Gabby is a native Texan that ended up in the Midwest to attend graduate school at the University of Nebraska. She moved to Chicago to do the art thing after an amazing residency experience at The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.

Though her artistic focus has always been painting and drawing, Gabby has started expanding to the realms of monotypes and digital painting. She geeks out over all kinds of work on paper and could stare at construction lines endlessly.

Gabby also loves monsters. She will read, watch or play almost anything if it falls somewhere between the genres of dark fantasy or cosmic horror. She lives in a home filled with toy dinosaurs and plays softball whenever she can.


Kayleigh - Framing Consultant

After spending most of her life in Chicago suburbia, Kayleigh left for the greener bluegrass pastures of Louisville, Kentucky. There, she learned to appreciate the mint julep and made it 7/8ths of the way to a Masters degree in anthropology.

With six years of framing experience under her belt, Kayleigh sees the custom framing process as a real life extension of her studies of art and people. She loves seeing all the eclectic art and objects that pass through our doors and getting to know the human stories behind them.

When not framing, you can find her making handmade books or talking with her two puppies, one cat, and her Nanday Conure.


Rick - Manager

Following the yellow brick road led Rick right to the magical land of framing which builds perfectly on his illustrator background. Since the late 90s, Rick has created artwork for numerous children's books. He has special interest in the art of the iconic movie The Wizard of Oz. In 2011, he was awarded the Golden Halo Award from the Southern California Motion Picture Association in Excellence in Illustration for a series of drawings relating to the film. 

As a hobby, Rick restores vintage chalkware statuary. The oldest and most prized piece in his collection is a Yogi Bear from the mid 1960s. 



Michele - Manager

Michele has been framing for so long that her devoted customers have gone from framing their children's finger paintings to framing their children's college diplomas and wedding photos.

Michele grew up on the northwest side of Chicago and now calls the charming suburb of Glenview home. She studied Interior Architecture at NIU, where she earned her BFA. 

When not working, she likes searching for treasure at antiques shops and flea markets. Somehow she can never resist adding "just one more" to her collection of vintage mason jars. She also loves cooking, eating or talking about food. 


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