Framing A One-Of-A-Kind Wire Sculpture

Three Dimensional Art Framing

When you first think of framed artwork, you probably imagine something flat and paper; like fancy framed paintings in a gallery or a movie poster at a theatre. But the expert framers here at Artists Frame Service are able to think “outside the glass” and also showcase three-dimensional objects in truly fantastic ways.

Painted Dogs

This was the case when Jennifer brought in her beautiful snare wire art to be framed. This unique sculpture was created at the Iganyana, or Painted Dog Art Center in Dete, Zimbabwe. They create these sculptures by removing poaching wires meant for Painted Dogs and “turn the original malicious intentions to good ones”. Their efforts simultaneously help protect the endangered species, educate the public about the issue through art, and provide financial benefit to the artisans who make the beautiful sculptures. 

Artists Frame Service Lincoln Park

Such a special piece of art demanded an equally special frame, which made our made in house acrylic line, Prisma an easy choice. Our master framer Kristin helped Jessica pick a Vanilla and Nutmeg frame in a sanded finish that really brings out the copper tones in the wire sculpture. Contrasting that, the background for the sculpture is a reflective dark chocolate that sets off the copper wires and truly adds to the viewing experience of the piece.  

Painted African Dog Wire Sculpture

We delivered and installed the final product and Jennifer was overjoyed with the results. Framing our customers’ most treasured items in a way that puts their unique qualities on display is what we strive to do with every single project. So no matter the depth of what you want to frame, nothing we do here at Artists Frame Service is ever one-dimensional.

Wire Art Sculpture