Designing A Prisma Acrylic Frame From A To Z

There's nothing like a custom-made frame milled out of a solid piece of acrylic and painted in just the right shade to make your art sing. With Prisma acrylic frames, the plethora of design possibilities are at once exciting and a little overwhelming. That's why we're walking you through building a Prisma Frame from A to Z.  

Let's start in our Lincoln Park showroom where the lovely Lara helped us narrow down options for this colorful and fun print created by one of our frame consultants, Kristin. (We told you our people are creative.) 

Lara started by pulling color chips and corner samples in a variety of palettes. With 46 colors to choose from, 19 patterns and 8 frame shapes, it's great to have an expert guiding the process.


As you can see, there are tons of choices even within shades of the same colors. You can also choose between either clear or sanded acrylics. (Our Prisma photo frame selection can help illuminate some of these possibilities.)

Lara offered a great design suggestion - combining three colors in stripes around the frame. We first tried a light blue with dark blue outer border and pink inner accent.

Oooh. Green! The monochromatic combination of greens and blues is really working on this piece. Jackpot.

And here's where we landed. Our final color palette is complemented by a clean white mat.

Before it heads off to production, Lara helps us visualize the final piece to make sure we have it just right by using the handy online Prisma Visualizer. This was truly the "aha" moment as we were able to upload our specific artwork and see exactly what the final product will look like, mat and all. When you have over a billion options to choose from being able to preview the final choices really helps.

Tada! Our final frame is done in a unique shape with rounded corners and convex sides. Our main color is a vibrant lime with a peacock outside border and a robin's egg lip accent. To compliment the art we went with a sanded finish that magically makes the frame look like a piece of sea glass.

Ready to Prisma frame away on a piece of your own? Get in touch or stop by today to start on your very own custom creation.