Framing The Family - A Unique Wedding Photo Project

When you hear wedding photography, you usually think about the images that capture the spirit of the wedding day itself. The food, the flowers and, of course, the fashion. But one Chicago bride had an incredibly unique idea to incorporate photography and family into a framing project that is every Pinterest-loving wedding enthusiast’s dream.

Sarah came to us with a collection of vintage family photos. Her idea was to frame the family lineage of both her and her husband to celebrate past, present and future generations. 

Using our digital printing services, the heirloom photos were scanned, digitally restored and resized to fit a collection of vintage frames.

In one instance, we even had to photoshop out an unknown non-family member as it was the only existing image of their relative! 

The finished gallery display installed on a barn wall at the actual wedding was definitely a showstopper - and possible even a tearjerker.

Want to hear more about Sarah’s special wedding photo framing direct from the source? Read on below. 

What gave you the idea to do this? I got the idea off of Pinterest of course!  

How did you go about tracking down all the photos? It all started when I got in contact with my parents' wedding photographer a year before my wedding and bought all the negatives from theirs back in 1980. I was definitely inspired to do something honoring all the weddings and marriages that came before us. Once I had those, I started to ask our moms and grandmas to help in finding the photos. I had many phones calls and also meetings with family members to pick up the photos, which was definitely my favorite planning part of the wedding. It was so great to get my hands on all the photos and to be able to get copies of all of them.

What was the process like of printing, restoring and framing? I went to a bunch of different flea markets and antique stores to find the frames and then spray painted all of them with matte white paint and brought them to Artists Frame Service to have them help with framing them properly. I had some photos that I had already scanned in by a local lab and then brought the rest to be scanned and printed by Artists Frame. They even had to do a little retouching on a few of the images.

What was your favorite reaction from a guest or family member? Everyone was so surprised since they hadn't seen anything like that before. I think my favorite reactions were from our moms and grandmas, who thought it was so special to have our family members up on the barn on our big day!