Framing Project Of The Month: Butterflies & Things

Some of the most interesting projects that come through our doors consist of items some people would never consider frame-worthy. Case in point: a customer recently brought in a collection of real butterflies she wanted to frame. We loved this different approach to "fine art" (perfect for a powder room!) and knew the framing needed to be as individual as the butterflies themselves. 

Did you know Chicago has its very own "butterfly guy?" These beautiful wings were purchased from Butterflies And Things - a leading supplier of butterflies (and other creepy crawly things, of course) for collectors, crafters, decorators and more. 


To play off the vibrancy of the butterflies themselves, we designed a frame consisting of not one, but three, different mouldings. The outer frame is a grey washed oak veneer, complemented by a composite veneer with a striking design in the middle (it mimics the pattern on the wings!) and a pop of gold leaf on the inside. When one frame just doesn't cut it, we recommend mixing and matching and stacking and layering to achieve the perfect look. 

The butterflies are protected by museum glass on this particular framing project and very carefully placed on a gray linen board. Though more expensive than standard glass, museum glass was needed in this case as it looks invisible and will protect the butterflies from fading over time. 


The end result? A piece so visually interesting it looks ready to fly off the wall. And the best part? It doesn't have to be super expensive. These butterflies start for as little as $3 a piece and can go up to $100 for really rare wings. 

This project reinforced for us a long held belief - that every home needs not just beautiful art, but interesting discoveries, textiles and objects that you collect over time. What have you discovered recently? Bring it in or get in touch and let us help you celebrate it forever.