Thoughtful Ideas For Holiday Gifts

The holidays are about spending time with family and friends, cherishing memories and creating new ones. To honor this special time of year, skip the generic department store and Amazon gift cards and give a truly personalized piece they'll treasure forever with our thoughtful ideas for holiday gifts. 

Framing The Memories

From family vacations and get togethers to nights out with friends - the most personalized and thoughtful gifts draw on memories created throughout the year (or years)! Don't limit yourself to just photography - though we're sure you have a whole phone's worth of Insta-ready images. We particularly love this framed Veuve label and cork from a special evening or the open door shadow box that showcases treasured family mementos. 


Framing The Milestones

Graduations. Weddings. Babies. Commemorating those milestone moments is what framing is all about. But not only recent events can make the grade - how thoughtful is this vintage Italian report card? We double matted it, added a fillet, custom corner 24-karat gold frame and museum glass to celebrate how special it really is.  

Marriage License.jpg

Framing The Mistletoe

When the holidays are over, don't just pack up all those decorations and decor to collect dust until next year. Framed memorabilia like ornaments, mistletoes and yes, even a gingerbread cookie, make for thoughtful tokens that you can admire during next year's holiday season. 


Need even more thoughtful ideas? Take a quick peruse through our inspiration gallery. And though the holidays are soon upon us, that doesn't mean there's not time to come up with a personalized, considerate gift that will make you the star of the gift exchange.

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