A Few Words On Typographic Art

Typographic Art

Based on the images our customers are bringing us for framing, we can’t help but take notice of a trend in home décor for typographic art. People are decorating with words and messages that are witty, inspirational or have a personal meaning. It could be a single letter, a word, a phrase or even a themed block of text. Creating art with type is very versatile.  

Keep Calm And Carry On Art

Maybe it all started a few years back with the revival of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” image. Certainly the advances in quality and convenience of in-home printing technology and the widespread popularity of crafting websites like Etsy.com have led to the proliferation of these kinds of pieces. Here are a few of our favorites:

Framed Letter Art

This Chicago Public Library advertisement was designed in 1966 but recently reprinted by local Chicago graphic designers at flatmade. This vintage graphic design work still reads as stylish and modern today.

Chicago Public Library Framed Art

Star Shaped Press is a local letterpress design studio using centuries old techniques to create fun and modern prints. We love their work.

Letterpress Framed Art

You might also enjoy creating your own text art here. If you do make your own, don't forget about our in-house fine art and digital photo printing services.

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