2015 Framing Year In Review

Artists Frame Service Showroom

It’s a true fact that thousands of items passed through our hands last year to be framed. So many posters, diplomas and cute baby photos! We are thankful for all of your business.

Here are some of the favorite projects of 2015 from our framing team.


Conservation Framing

Objects passed down from generation to generation always come with great stories and we love to hear them. Pilfered by his great-grandfather off of a distracted policeman in the early 1900's, our customer remembers playing with the billy club as a toy. Our customer was shy about revealing to us that his relative was a thief. We prefer to think of him as resourceful, creative or enterprising. All traits we see in his framing savvy great-grandchild.


Kate Spade Dress

We love to see you celebrate your achievements. We frame a lot of awards, plaques, trophies, ribbons and prizes. Hiram was quite impressed with a particularly sparkling crowning moment. Proud parents brought in this dress designed by their daughter which was produced for fashion designer Kate Spade. It’s a special dress outfitted for a special occasion.


Prisma Frames

Prisma frames are handmade in-house of acrylic customized with pattern, shape and color creating unique fabulous frames unlike anything else. Josh has an excellent eye for Prisma and remembers two moments when the amazing patterns and color combinations of these custom acrylic frames created a perfect union between art and frame.



Becka and her customer spent a lot of care and time perfecting the exact shades and exact proportions that would properly set off this Inuit Eskimo print. Finding just the right match and balance took some time but in the end the customer will have a beautiful and harmonious piece on the wall.


Religious Art

Lara and her client had the challenge to re-frame a series of seriously outdated prints of saints from the 70s. The client described them herself as “hideous” but they had immense sentimental value to the family. Lara was able to come up with a solution of new matting and a leather frame that not only brought them up to date but fit into the client’s modern home perfectly. It was the moment Lara realized that custom framing could work miracles.

This is just a small selection of amazing things we saw in 2015. We dare you to surprise us, shock us and wow us with your treasures in 2016. We're waiting - contact us with burning questions or to get a quote on that special thing.