What Do You Do With Those Holiday Family Photos?

One of our favorite things about the holidays? Seeing everyone’s beautiful, new family photos on all the holiday cards. And after spending all that time finding the perfect outfits and getting the photos taken (not to mention getting kids and pets to sit through it), we can’t help but think you should be able to get a little more mileage out of those shots.

So we’ve come up with some ideas for how to get the most out of your family photos with creative display options you can enjoy year round.


Who said photo galleries are just for walls? You can easily mix a variety of photo frame sizes, shapes, materials and finishes for a collected look. This would be perfect for the empty dresser, those built-in shelves, console tables, to decorate your home office - and more. The best part? This display is so easy to switch out and update seasonally with new frames and, of course, new images.



If you have photos that are all of a similar look and feel, consider a collage. The photos don’t even have to be of different shots. This could be a fun way to display those photo shoot outtakes! With our easy digital printing and gallery frame collection, this can be a simple, fun solution you can get done in a day.



Last but not least, our favorite option for displaying family photos has to be the ever popular gallery wall. It doesn’t have to be super time intensive either with our turnkey packages. (A double whammy? Why not create a gallery wall out of your holiday cards over the years?)

But of course, we think there’s nothing quite like a custom gallery wall. Consider it a living, evolving part of your decor that you edit and evolve over the years. We love seeing them displayed on staircase walls and other interesting places in the home like kitchens and playrooms.

Need even more inspiration? Check out the video below to see how unforgettable moments and extraordinary designs can make your house feel like a home.

Have other ideas for how to make the most of those family memories? Come see us when the holiday craziness dies down in any of our locations or shoot us a note with your ideas. We’re all ears.