The Perfect Memorial for a Furry Friend

While he did not die in the line of duty and served a family rather than the military, Porter’s memorial is a perfect candidate for May’s Framing of the Month. His owners, Greg and Gloria, decided the best way to commemorate Porter’s life was by framing his dog collar, leash, and paw print. With Janet’s keen eye, they created a unique design to celebrate the wonderful life this loyal canine shared with them. Among the frames that they considered, a black leather frame, ahem, barked the loudest. They found that the leather’s hints of orange, along with its texture, complemented the greens in the leash and collar perfectly.

For the mats it only made sense to use a suede board, not only because the texture goes so well with leather frames, but also because, according to Greg and Gloria, it was reminiscent of Porter’s fur.

The most distinguishing part of the design is the bottom right corner that appears to be chewed and torn. Greg and Gloria mentioned that Porter was known for destroying furniture and asked if we could rip the mat to emulate his playfulness. Always up for a challenge; the ever helpful, talented, and brilliant Andrew went to town tearing apart the corner of the mat before the pieces were placed for framing. The end result is a beautiful and very personal shadow box that will lovingly pay tribute to the memory of Porter for years to come.