Picture Frames: Beyond Wood

Wood Picture Frames

Picture frames have been made out of wood since the beginning of picture framing time. In the store we carry over 1000 options in natural hard woods, reclaimed wood from old mid-western houses , barn wood, and eco-friendly forested wood from Europe with exotic wood veneers.

But when it comes to creative framing, there are plenty of opportunities to think "outside of the log" and create an amazing frame with alternative materials.


Leather Picture Frame

Craftsmen in Peru, working for a generations-old company that originally made saddles and horse accoutrements, have harnessed their knowledge to make custom leather-wrapped furniture and frames. Many examples have hand-tooling and unique accents and each piece is a work of art.


Acrylic Prisma Frame

Prisma custom acrylic frames are made one-at-a-time right here in Chicago. Light reflects and bounces through the acrylic which gives these frames a quality of depth unlike any other frame we’ve ever seen. Customize your own combination of color, pattern and shape to create a frame like no other. Read more about Prisma and see more examples here.

Prisma Frames


Steel Picture Frames

While usually considered an industrial look for modern art and photography, we often recommend a steel frame for wedding photography and ketubahs. These frames really reflect the idea of permanence and a welded bond for life. Steel is also a recyclable material so it’s an earth friendly choice. Steel frames are available in a variety of tones and finishes. 


Faux Finish Picture Frames

Framing designers are getting ever more creative these days and wrapping wood frames with all manner of materials. Come in to pet our faux fur, be bedazzled by our glitter frames and covet the other various and supple vinyl, cork and faux-leather frames.

The moral of the story is we’ve got a lot of interesting options and something for everyone. Some of these are not your Grandma’s frames, but then again, we haven't met your Grandma! 

Come in soon to shop our ever-changing eclectic selection and experience the best custom framing in Chicago!