How To Hang A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls. They’re one of the most popular, yet most agonized over, art displays. We love them for their unique ability to showcase different styles of art, photography and framing in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to hanging a gallery wall, we have a few simple tips but the key is not to stress too much. It’s ok if it’s not flawless - the best gallery walls are more about personality than perfection.


Step 1: Determine the size of the wall space and create a tape outline.


Step 2: Make a plan - a simple drawing or sketch works.


Step 3: Lay it out on the floor and measure – adjust the plan as needed, now is the time!


Step 4: Start hanging from the bottom up – a level ensures all remains even. 


Step 5: Step back and eyeball as you go.


Step 6: Last but not least, enjoy!  

Need help creating your own custom gallery wall or looking for a simple package solution? We’ve got both. And even though you’re a gallery wall hanging expert now, we’re always happy to handle delivery and installation for you too.