How To Decorate With Mirrors

The perfect well-placed mirror can be pure magic. It can make a room appear larger and more light-filled, while being a statement decor show stopper. From round to rectangle, gilded to distressed, there's all sorts of shapes and finishes to complement any room or style. Below, we've highlighted a few favorites that have inspired us, plus tips and tricks for how to decorate with mirrors. 

1. Use mirrors to balance a colorful wall. 

Wallpaper or a bright paint may seem like enough on its own, but a simple mirror in a contrasting finish can really balance the space. We love how this one is rustic with clean lines compared to the vibrant wallpaper. 

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2. Think beyond traditional shapes.

An understated finish and a unique shape are the perfect pairing. An unexpected, functional triangle mirror over a vanity is an interesting addition to this bathroom. (Bonus points for reflecting that cool flamingo print!) Though these shapes of mirrors can be hard to find, custom mirrors (yep, we make them!) can be created in any size, shape or finish to fit those hard to furnish spaces.

3. Add texture.

Who says a mirror needs to only consist of glass? Adding texture and details to a room are what makes it stand out. The fringe on this one makes it an entry way scene stealer. 

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4. Go for groupings. 

Gallery walls aren't just limited to pictures and art. Interesting mirrors in different shapes, finishes and sizes are just as eye-catching as their artistic counterparts. Or if you want to blend the best of both worlds, drop in a few strategically placed mirrors to break up your existing gallery wall.

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5. Let the frame do the talking. 

A statement frame or finish is all you need to put the finishing touch on a simple, edited space. Here, our acrylic Prisma frame in a beautiful sea foam color is the perfect pop of color in this modern entry.


Have an idea for the ideal mirror but can't seem to find it? That's where we come in. With our custom mirrors, all handcrafted in Chicago, you can reflect your own personalized taste to create whatever your heart desires. Check out more of how we do it below:

Let us know if there's a mirror you've been dreaming of. Or if you need more inspiration to peruse, head on over to our mirrors Pinterest board to explore. 

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