How Much Is Custom Framing? | Real Life Examples From $30 to $430

How much is it going to cost to frame my piece? It's the most common question we hear at Artists Frame Service and one for which there is no simple answer. When you have thousands of options to choose from, it's challenging to know how much a particular project will be until you sit down with a framer. 

So today, we're doing just that. Since so many variables affect the final cost, we thought the easiest way to break it down would be to give a few real life examples. The goal? Show that three pieces of similarly sized art can cost as little as $30 or as much as you have in your budget.


Our pieces that need framing include a 16x24 neutral abstract print, a 20x28 black and white graphic poster and a 20x28 lovely light purple sketch drawing.


The abstract print was simple and beautiful and we knew we wanted a light wood frame to draw out the colors. We selected one of the ready made gallery frames for $30.

And because we wanted to add a little more space around the drawing, we also opted to add a bright white custom mat. (Many people choose to get just the frame, however.) This really made it pop - we often do these "kinda custom" experiences for those looking to frame standard size pieces quickly and easily. 

Total cost: $75. 


For the second piece, we opted to do the Poster Special. Something super cool that not a lot of people realize is that we actually have a whole wall of overstock moulding choices that can be used for this special framing deal. The frame doesn't have to be just plain black or white.


We selected a dark walnut frame for this one to contrast the graphic black and white and framed the print without a mat right to the edges.

Total cost: $129. (Learn more about our poster special here.)  


On the final piece, we decided to invest a little more to enhance the simplicity of the drawing with a spectacular, hand-finished gold leaf custom frame. We especially love that the frame has a brushstroke quality that highlights the brushstrokes in the art.


A really special touch we added was a gold painted bevel on the inside of the mat. This is an accent all painted by hand in our framing facility and makes the finished product feel extra luxe. 

We also opted for standard UV protective glass - choosing museum glass (often referred to as the Cadillac of glass) would have added $200 to the cost. Because this piece wasn't very reflective and it wasn't going to hang in a spot with direct sunlight, the standard glass works just fine. (These are choices your framing consultant can guide you through during the process.) 

Total cost: $430


The finished products! Each one turned out amazing and is unique in its own way.

There's a common perception that you can't custom frame (or "kinda custom" frame) anything without dropping hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Yet, because of our vast selection, special offers and trained consultants, we'll get you home with a piece you love that fits your budget - whatever that might be. 

Want to know more about what affects custom framing cost? Learn more about framing pricing here or get in touch with us if there's a specific project you'd like to discuss.