Frame It: The Wedding Dress


This project begins with one of the most memorable moments in a person's life -- the wedding! Our customer, the blushing bride, wanted to commemorate her special day by framing the items she was wearing: her dress, necklace, and hair pieces. 

The first challenge was hiding a few wine stains on the front of the dress. We decided to add a twist in the dress at the waist, which created a wonderful romantic, flowing shape. 

Wedding Dress Framing

This simple adjustment gave the impression of dancing and liveliness and outlined a perfect space for all the other objects.

The customer provided some fun photos that could be used in addition to the jewelry accessories, and the final challenge was choosing the best way to lay them out.

The finished result is nothing short of stunning. 

The finished result is nothing short of stunning. 

Custom Framed Wedding Dress

The dress and accessories were delicately sewn into place. A warm-silver shadowbox frame was chosen for it's swirling details and the soft off-white silk background enhances the texture of the dress. 

Custom Framed Wedding Dress Chicago

What a fantastic way to commemorate such an important day. Projects like this are so much fun for framers, and it is a perfect example of what makes custom framing so amazing! Go here to read more about the framing of all things wedding.

A note about pricing: the shadow box project shown here is 36" x 54" and totaled approximately $2000. Pricing can vary greatly based on size and selection of materials. If you are in Chicago, please stop by any time with your dress or ideas so we can assist with design and quotation. If you are not in Chicago, we recommend searching for the custom framer nearest you with the best online reviews. While we would truly love to be the wedding dress framer to the world, it's expensive and not so practical to ship such a large project. With that disclaimer, if you're up for it, so are we!