A Cordial Invitation to Unforgettable Gifts

Wedding season is upon us and with gift and honeymoon registries running rampant, we thought we would reach out and inspire the rogue gift-giver who daringly shops off the list. We at Artists Frame recommend taking a sentimental approach by framing the couple's wedding invitation (of course, after you've made a photo copy of the directions for yourself). Both unique and personal, a framed invitation is sure to be a gift that will be treasured for anniversaries to come.


Here are a few ideas to get those creative gears turning.

Turn your present into a true time capsule by including all of the other bits of celebratory notices like these two projects: 

When working with your framer, keep in mind the happy couple's style. Do they prefer fun and funky? Traditional? Ornate? We suggest keeping it clean and simple if you aren't sure. Maple and white frames are good, neutral choices for these occasions.

Overwhelmed with all of the possibilities? Give the lovebirds a framed gift card and leave the decision-making to them.

We can frame so many special things to memorialize everyone's special day for years to come. To see examples of wedding framing and more, check out our Inspiration Gallery.