The First Sunday Frame Outlet is a monthly sale offering great deals on pre-cut frames and other frame-related merchandise. 

Sunday Outlet FAQ

When do you have the sale?
The first Sunday of every month from 10 am until 5 pm.

Dates for 2017:

June 4th, July 2nd, August 6th, September 3rd, October 1st, November 5th, December 3rd

Where is the sale?
In the Artists Frame Service showroom at 1867 N. Clybourn.

What kind of stuff is on sale?
All kinds of empty frames in standard and miscellaneous sizes, pre-cut mats, photo frames, photo albums, framed & unframed artwork, framed mirrors, and other odds & ends. No two sales are ever the same.

Is the sale on custom framing?
No. But you can save a lot by purchasing an empty frame at our sale and working with our designers to customize it to fit your art. The final product is almost as good as custom framing.

I just missed the sale. Can I get a deal without waiting a whole month?
No worries. Everyday in our showroom we offer a selection of around 200 of the same sale frames in standard sizes. The selection is constantly changing and the prices are the same as Outlet Sale day.


Are these frames really 80% off?
Yes. The frames are high quality frames, many imported from Italy and Spain. They are on sale because they are miscut, leftover, overstocked, or discontinued. Learn more about how we price our custom frames.

Are all sales final?
Empty frames can be returned with a receipt for store credit only within 30 days. All artwork is final sale.

I miss the basement outlet store. Why did you close it?
Our sister store, Jayson Home needed the space for more of their fabulous designer merchandise.

What happened to the guy who used to work in the basement? He was so nice.
He is working in our warehouse. He is still nice.

Do you also have the sale at your Highland Park store?
The monthly blow-out sale is only at our Clybourn store, but you can shop a rotating selection of sale frames in standard sizes in the Highland Park store.

How do I get my art into the empty frame I just purchased?
Option 1: Some of our sale frames are sold with flexible tabs (flex points) that you simply bend up and back to fit your art in. Anyone can do this.

Option 2: For a small fee, we will add glass, backing, and the flex points to any frame. We can also cut a custom mat for your art. You are all set up to do-it-yourself.

Option 3: Take your outlet frame and your art to one of our frame consultants to design custom matting. One week later your piece will be complete.

Who should be shopping at your Outlet sale?
Art lovers, art makers, art collectors, creative types, bargain-hunters, anyone, and everyone. You know who you are.