Create Your Own Home Gallery

Designing a Gallery Wall
A smart grouping of frames brings personality to any room. Whether you choose a grid, a playful rhythm, or a more organic arrangement, you’ll be able to showcase photos and artwork easily by using these layout tips and visuals.

Tips To Create a Gallery Wall

  • Mixing new and old family portraits adds interest.

  • Mixing black and white with color photography is definitely allowed.

  • Consider including prints or illustrations that enhance family memories.

  • Mixing similar frames is more interesting than all the same. Uniformity is not mandatory. Repetition is nice. 

  • Lay out all the frames on the floor to find the configuration that works best or map out the installation on your wall by taping up brown paper cut to the size of your frames. 

  • Place a larger frame in the center of your arrangement to create a focal point.

  • For an ordered installation, line up all your frames by the outside edge.

Grid Arrangements
The easiest way to fill a wall — from four frames to a dozen or more, this design always makes a strong arrangement.

the simple grid

the simple grid

QUICK TIP: Having the space between every frame the same thickness of the frame itself creates a feeling of consistency.

Offsetting Your Grid
This arrangement balances a feeling of movement with symmetry, and it is easy to build on over time.

the offset grid

the offset grid

QUICK TIP: Using only two frame sizes makes it easy to create a pattern simply by flipping the top and bottom frames.

Organic Arrangements
These layouts invite eclectic mixing of sizes, frame, and styles. This works well for both large and small spaces.

THE simple organic 

THE simple organic 

the line up: an organic grid aligned alonng one axis.

the line up:
an organic grid aligned alonng one axis.

THE BLOCK:  an organic style grid, all outside aligned

an organic style grid, all outside aligned

QUICK TIP: For organic arrangements, align the frame edges along a vertical or horizontal axis to look deliberate, not messy.

For more inspiration and ideas, visit our Pintrest Gallery

Artists Frame Service carries a selection of ready-made off-the-shelf frames designed for gallery wall success. Most are available with UV glass and archival matting. We can also scan, enlarge and print your family photos.

4x6, 5x5, 5x7, 8x8, 8x10, 11x11, 11x14, 12x15, 11x20, 16x20

$7 – $148

Putting the "artist" in Artists Frame Service

Generally, the art that comes across our doorstep is complete and ready for framing.

But then there are the special cases that need a little TLC....

Challenge: How to frame a puzzle that's missing some pieces?

Challenge: How to frame a puzzle that's missing some pieces?

Our customer received this puzzle as a gift from her grandchildren. She put it together and carefully transported it on a flat board to our store. Unfortunately, the hawk was blowing that day. A little windy city bluster caught the board and sent puzzle pieces flying down Clybourn Avenue. She was able to find and collect the vast majority but there were several escapees.

The customer was puzzled as to how to save her project, but this became a fun challenge for our fine artists on staff. The existing puzzle pieces were glued down and then missing areas were hand- painted to match. You have to look mighty close to find the pieces that are not quite like the others.

Every piece in it's place!

Every piece in it's place!

Painting in the missing areas by hand.

Painting in the missing areas by hand.

can you tell which piece is painted?

can you tell which piece is painted?

We are a staff of artists, not just framing clerks. This is a fine example of how we put the "artist" in Artists Frame Service. An artist can solve problems creatively and help complete the puzzle piece or one frame at a time.

Love and Framing To Last Forever

Love is forever…and so is good framing!

A couple of recent projects remind us that framing can be very romantic. 

Victor is giving this shadowbox of very special rose petals to his wife as an anniversary gift. It is all that remains of the wedding bouquet after thirty years of their shared life. The whole bouquet was dried and hung around the house for years and even survived a few moves.  It came apart many years ago when his wife threw it across the room during a particularly animated argument. This story has a good ending, though. They made up. They cleaned up. And Victor saved this one rosebud for many years. Now he is surprising his wife with the last framed flower from their wedding day thirty years ago.  

Did you know that the traditional Fourth Anniversary wedding gift is flowers? Christine came in with a Ziploc bag containing her husband’s wedding day boutonniere that she saved for four years. The flowers were not professionally preserved and so the petals were loose and going willy-nilly.  We carefully identified the most intact specimens and came up with an arrangement. Each petal was delicately glued into place and the entire creation fit into a shadow box frame. Christine voted for a simple typed “Happy 4th Anniversary” message and chose a yellow accent mat to match her wedding dress color. 

Don't forget the Souvenirs

Photo taken on a trip to France.

Photo taken on a trip to France.

Souvenir: so͞ovəˈni(ə)r/  noun

1. a thing that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or event. synonyms: memento, keepsake, reminder, token

A small piece of paradise fit into a shadow box frame.

A small piece of paradise fit into a shadow box frame.

I love to travel and enjoy picking up little things along the way. 

This is my most recent travel masterpiece. It's my own little Hawaiian paradise in tiny shadow box form. A collection of shells from the beach combined with a personal snapshot of the amazing view from our ocean-side accommodations. 

It's always a thrill to assist customers with their own memorabilia for framing and to hear your travel stories.  I'm sure you have your own collections and ideas about what to bring back as a souvenir. Here's some things we've framed for others or picked up for ourselves!

  • personal snap shots 
  • postcards
  • subway maps 
  • magnets for the fridge
  • collections of rocks and seashells
  • match books
  • a collection of small vials of dirt from around the globe
  • interesting foreign beer coasters
  • sugar cubes individually wrapped in colorful paper
  • gelato spoons from a tour of Italy
  • funky graphic postcards picked up for free in a coffee shop in Amsterdam
  • street art of all ilks
  • that adorable restaurant menu from Paris that somehow ended up in my mother's purse
  • plastic sushi from Japan
  • a piece of the Berlin wall