2015 Framing Year in Review

Hiram thrilling another customer.

It’s a true fact that thousands of items passed through our hands last year to be framed. So many posters, diplomas and cute baby photos! We are thankful for all of your business.

Here are some of the favorite projects of 2015 from our framing team.


framing a billy club

Objects passed down from generation to generation always come with great stories and we love to hear them. Pilfered by his great-grandfather off of a distracted policeman in the early 1900's, our customer remembers playing with the billy club as a toy. Our customer was shy about revealing to us that his relative was a thief. We prefer to think of him as resourceful, creative or enterprising. All traits we see in his framing savvy great-grandchild.


Glitter Kate Spade Dress

We love to see you celebrate your achievements. We frame a lot of awards, plaques, trophies, ribbons and prizes. Hiram was quite impressed with a particularly sparkling crowning moment. Proud parents brought in this dress designed by their daughter which was produced for fashion designer Kate Spade. It’s a special dress outfitted for a special occasion!

The Power of Prisma

Prisma Jasmine Pattern Frame
Prisma Waves - The Oyster Loaf

Prisma frames are handmade in-house of acrylic customized with pattern, shape and color creating unique fabulous frames unlike anything else. Josh has an excellent eye for Prisma and remembers two moments when the amazing patterns and color combinations of these custom acrylic frames created a perfect union between art and frame.

Achieving Harmony BY DESIGN

Inuit Art

Becka and her customer spent a lot of care and time perfecting the exact shades and exact proportions that would properly set off this Inuit Eskimo print. Finding just the right match and balance took some time but in the end the customer will have a beautiful and harmonious piece on the wall.

THE Miracle OF Transformation

Leather Frame Moulding for Fine Art

Lara and her client had the challenge to re-frame a series of seriously outdated prints of saints from the 70’s. The client described them herself as “hideous” but they had immense sentimental value to the family. Lara was able to come up with a solution of new matting and a leather frame that not only brought them up to date but fit into the client’s modern home perfectly. It was the moment Lara realized that custom framing could work miracles.

This is just a small selection of amazing things we saw in 2015. We dare you to surprise us, shock us and wow us with your treasures in 2016. We're waiting...

CONTACT US with burning questions or to get a quote on that special thing. 

A Gift from the he(ART).

Printing + Framing = a one-of-a-kind heartfelt gift.

Selecting the perfect custom frame for this personal digital panoramic snapshot.

Selecting the perfect custom frame for this personal digital panoramic snapshot.

Shhhh. Please don’t anyone spoil the surprise. This is what my sister-in-law is getting for a holiday gift.

They love spending family time at the zoo. My brother took this fun pic while playing around with the panoramic setting on his iPhone. He emailed us the digital file through the super easy form on our website. We’ve printed it out on thick luscious fine art archival paper and will be sure to have it custom framed and gift-wrapped in plenty of time.

A family picture or special moment from past or present makes a wonderfully thoughtful personalized gift. With our convenient printing and our amazing frame selection we are your go-to one-stop shop. Get those images off your phone and printed and framed to go on the wall!

New photos can be printed. old family photos can be scanned and printed for sharing!

New photos can be printed. old family photos can be scanned and printed for sharing!

There is still oodles of time for holiday framing orders. Send us your files or bring in that special item as late as December 21st and we will have it ready.

T'is the season of FRAMING JOY FOR EVERY GIRL AND BOY. Don’t forget that in addition to printing and framing we gift wrap, deliver and ship your framed items anywhere Santa's elves need them to go.

Merry merry!

A Few Words on Typographic Art

Don't Just Say It. Display It!

Based on the images our customers are bringing us for framing, we can’t help but take notice of a trend in home décor for typographic art. People are decorating with words and messages that are witty, inspirational or have a personal meaning. It could be a single letter, a word, a phrase or even a themed block of text. Creating art with type is very versatile.  

Keep Calm and Carry ON

Maybe it all started a few years back with the revival of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” image.

Certainly the advances in quality and convenience of in-home printing technology and the widespread popularity of crafting websites like Etsy.com have led to the proliferation of these kinds of pieces. Here are a few of our favorites.....

Delicious Design League has created this vibrant and pleasing alphabet series. We don't have these available on-line but come and see them in the Lincoln park store. The ampersand is without a doubt our favorite.

This Chicago Public Library advertisement was designed in 1966 but recently reprinted by local Chicago graphic designers at flatmade. This vintage graphic design work still reads as stylish and modern today.

Star Shaped Press is a local letterpress design studio using centuries old techniques to create fun and modern prints. We love their work.

Please enjoy perusing the typographic pieces available in our shop. You might also enjoy creating your own text art here. If you do make your own, don't forget about our in-house fine art and digital photo printing services.

Typographic Art