The Fine Art Framing Process

Special pieces demand framing that protects their value for future generations. Artists Frame Service has been offering full service archival and conservation framing for your fine art collections since 1978. 

Come see for yourself in Lincoln Park or Highland Park. Even better? Both of our Chicagoland area locations offer glorious free parking lots. 

It Starts With
Something Special

Bring your treasured objects into either of our locations to begin your framing adventure.

“We frame what inspires us. Getting the things that speak to you on a wall is why I love framing.”

– Josh, Frame Consultant | 4 years

Things Get Hands On

You'll be matched with one of our experienced framing consultants who are well-versed in museum standards for acid-free matting and conservation techniques.

“Framing is creative problem solving. As an artist, I love coming up with interesting solutions. When we arrive at the right combination, we’ll know because the art “sings”!”

- Kristin, Frame Consultant | 14 years


Then it's time for our framing artisans to handcraft your frame.


Right From the Start

With precision machinery, individual care and attention, our team makes sure your design ideas are transformed into frames that work.

“My job is cutting and joining the wood mouldings, but my work is part of the big picture. This frame is going to be hanging around for a long time, so I want to give you the best."

- Omar, Cutter/Joiner | 5 years


Handling With Care

We're up to date on the latest conservation methods and possess the expertise to attach a variety of objects from fine art prints to historical objects to precious textiles. 

We also stock a full range of UV protective and low reflection glass and acrylic products to protect and keep colors true.

“We relish the challenging projects, especially when we know they will be cherished for years to come.”

- Rocio, Special Projects Facilitator | 17 years

Your Frame
Comes Together

The final inspector is the first one to see all your framing choices assemble into a complete frame.

“I’m always impressed with the craftsmanship and care our framing staff puts into each piece.”

- Alejandro, Fitting Department Specialist | 23 years


On The Wall

When things need a little help getting to their final location, you can call on our expert delivery and install team.

“Getting bigger pieces or a gallery wall up requires a lot of skill. I love helping customers and adding my eye for detail when they need it.”

- George, Delivery and Installation Expert | 22 years

In a Week, It's Ready

Your art has come full circle. Now we get to enjoy the reactions on people's faces then they are reunited with their masterpiece.

“Designing from corner samples and swatches gives a sense of the look, but it’s always very exciting to see the finished piece.”

- Dave, Framing Consultant | 22 years


Then it's time for the moment of truth,
when your frame finds its home in your home.


Ready to Start Framing?


The best way to start your framing experience is to come in! You don't need an appointment - we always have several framers ready to help you when you stop by. If you have any questions before you come in, feel free to contact us.

The short answer? Everything! In four decades, we have framed a lot. Here are a few of our favorite framing projects showcasing just a sample of our enormous selection and our unparalleled abilities to bring your art to life.

Have a photo or art in a standard size (4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 5x5 or 8x8) or want to print one? Shop our online store for photo frames made with the same great quality materials and craftsmanship you've come to know and love from Artists Frame Service.