Hiroshi Ariyama | Untitled | 11X14"

Hiroshi Ariyama | Untitled | 11X14"


• 8x10" image matted up to 11x14"
• Ready to frame fine art reproduction print
• Printed on acid-free, 100% cotton fine art paper
• Long lasting genuine pigment base archival ink
• Mounted on museum grade solid-core cotton mat

From the artist –
"Although Chicago is not the biggest, most trendsetting or fashionable city, those who live here, or have lived here, carry a certain pride and love for this great city. 

Yes, our winter is long and cold as Siberia. Our summer is sometimes as hot as the ovens that pump out those famous deep dish pizzas. And you can’t forget the streets full of pot holes which make us all stunt drivers...the list goes on. 

Somehow we embrace it all.

After living here for more than three decades, I too have a soft spot for this city. I hope you can see it in my artwork."

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