Your 2018 Framing Horoscope

If you've already read up on your 2018 horoscope, you may know what to expect in the areas of love, friends, career and health. But what about what to add to your walls, home or office? We're taking it one step further giving you creative art and framing suggestions perfect your sign. Read on to have your imagination sparked.


Aquarius - Progressive, Independent, Humanitarian       2018 Framing Project: "Cause" Poster

Your independent and humanitarian nature will keep you busy this year speaking up for causes you believe in. Put your convictions on display with a framed poster or sign - like this Women's March poster by Tony Fitzpatrick



Pisces: Artistic, Musical, Compassionate
2018 Framing Project: Concert Poster

Because you're so artistic, you'll have no problem thinking outside the box. Case in point: this loved up concert poster is pretty much Pisces-perfect.


Aries: Confident, Determined, Passionate
2018 Framing Project: Custom Mirror

A one-of-a-kind mirror unlike anything else out there is perfect for the confident and determined Aries. Hang it in your entryway so anyone coming or going will see how unique you really are. 


Taurus: Reliable, Devoted, Responsible
2018 Framing Project: Fine Art

2018 is the year to grow (or start!) your collection by investing in some fine art. Because of your reliable and responsible nature, we can confidently say you've earned it.


Gemini: Talkative, Affectionate, Curious
2018 Framing Project: Framed Text Conversation

Chatty Geminis can never get enough conversation. We're sure you've had more than one frame-worthy text exchange in the past year - whether sentimental, monumental or just down right funny.  


Cancer: Emotional, Imaginative, Sympathetic
2018 Framing Project: Framed Invitation

Whether a wedding, birthday or other milestone for you or a loved one, Cancer's emotional and imaginative nature makes a framed invitation a celebration of what really matters.


Leo: Creative, Cheerful, Humorous
2018 Framing Project: Framed Bottle Caps

Leos don't need much help thinking creatively. But, we think a bright and cheerful piece with a touch of humor - like these vintage bottle caps - is the perfect project for the dynamic Lion. 


Virgo: Kind, Hardworking, Practical
2018 Framing Project: Man's Best Friend

Kind and practical, just like man's best friend - hardworking Virgos should put their prized pooches (or other pets) on display with a unique piece like this standing frame. 


Libra: Gracious, Social, Diplomatic
2018 Framing Project: Framed Jersey

Win or lose, social Libra will be gracious and diplomatic about their team at any sporting get together. Put that tact on display with our framed jersey special. 


Scorpio: Resourceful, Brave, Focused
2018 Framing Project: Accomplishment Framing

Resourceful and focused Scorpios have no shortage of accomplishments to commemorate. Whether you're a marathon runner or an academic achiever, celebrate how special your commitments and accomplishments really are. 


Sagittarius: Generous, Idealistic, Philosophical
2018 Framing Project: Local Art Gift For Friends

Sagittarius's generous nature makes them natural gift-givers, while their idealistic and philosophical sides can be satisfied by supporting local artists. (Tip: We've got plenty to choose from in our online shop.) 


Capricorn: Responsible, Disciplined, Good Managers
2018 Framing Project: Framed Diploma

Capricorn's responsible and disciplined nature makes them natural academics and workplace leaders. Though your team already loves you, let them see how hard you worked with a framed diploma in your office. 


Whatever your sign, we're here to help get your 2018 off to a frame-worthy start!