Art Framed Three Ways

If you've ever taken a peek inside our Lincoln Park showroom and seen the hundreds of frame corners on our walls, you may have had a thought similar to this: how would you use all of those? There's such a variety of shapes, colors, textures, materials and styles that it's really hard to wrap your head around. Especially if you're someone like me, who my boss Nellie always jokes is the "Queen of Neutrals" and writes this as I'm wearing a white shirt and black pants.

But that's the best thing about our huge selection. We have something for my minimalist-loving self, but we also have tons of other options for lovers of all different design and decor styles. Today, I'm going to highlight three different decor styles and showcase how we can frame the same piece of art to feel right at home in a minimalist, eclectic or traditional home.

The Art

Richard’s Corner - Storm Print City

Richard's Corner by Storm Print City is an incredible print created by painting directly on manhole covers and making prints from them. We recently started selling this beautiful print in store, so if you would like your own, unframed or we can frame it up of course, stop by! To hear the story behind the piece, check out the artist's site.


Ah minimalism, my personal favorite. Minimalistic style is characterized by lots of white walls, neutrals, natural materials, metallics and a general feeling of lightness and lack of unnecessary knick-knacks or clutter. Influenced by both Scandinavian and Japanese interiors, minimalism is quickly becoming a gold standard in modern interior design in the west.

Being minimalistic with your framing is a great way to really let the artwork be the star of the show (this is why art galleries typically feature these clean, modern frames). Stick with frames that have simple shapes (or profiles as the framers will call them) to really get a modern look.

Here, our helpful framer Josh helped me pick out a few white frames along with several different wood tones that bring out the colors in the artwork. He explained that you always want to frame the art with what will make it look best, rather than trying to match the wood with your wood floors, because you'll end up with a much better looking end result.


Eclectic style generally has no rule book. By mixing old and new, patterns and colors, ultra chic and super cozy, you get an extremely unique space that combines the best of all the other decor styles. In short, it's methodical mismatching.

Josh had a lot of fun picking frames with eclectic style in mind. We played with texture, pattern, size and color in this huge variety of frames to go with this art piece. He actually could have picked more, but they wouldn't have fit in the photo. 

On the top left, the second one down (which is called Stanley) has an amazing texture almost like stucco. The color and texture went so well with the story of a manhole cover print. 

The purple frame (second from the bottom right) is hand painted in Italy and the brush strokes are even more apparent in person. This frame really brought out the purple in the art as well as the handmade quality of it.


There's a reason that traditional interior design has thrived for so long - otherwise it wouldn't be called traditional! From antique-inspired furnishings to floral print wallpaper and fabrics, this look takes its inspiration from the past and focuses on elegance and comfort. The colors in a traditional space tend to be laid-back and mellow, leaning more towards neutrals and pastels. When wood is used, it's typically rich and warm tones.

With traditional style comes what I think most people think of when they picture "custom framing." Elaborate carving, detailed beading, scooped profiles and metallic finishes.

For example, the frame on the upper right is a new scooped hand finished metallic frame that manages to have nearly every color in it that the art does. In person, it almost has the same iridescent quality as an oil slick or an opal. It's really spectacular.

So no matter your decor style, we have the perfect frame to go with it. Want to see examples of finished frames we've created? We have a ton over on our Inspiration Gallery that are sure to inspire your next framing project.

Do you style your home differently than the three ways we went over here? Let us know in the comments and maybe we'll do this again with your favorite style next time!

- Brooke, Graphic Designer - Artists Frame Service