From now until March 30, receive 15% off the custom framing of any child's masterpiece.

What constitutes fine art is in the eye of the beholder. We’ve got framing solutions for a range of art styles and for artists of all ages!

“It’s not like it’s a Picasso or anything.” We hear that often. Art doesn’t have to be a well-known masterpiece to be a worthy centerpiece in your home. 

Children’s artwork ranks very high on our list of priceless things to display and deserves just as much love as the biggest price tag pieces imaginable. Here are some different tactics to framing those first artistic expressions:


Amazingly Custom

Sophie (age 8) recently studied Picasso in art class. This is her amazing Pablo-style self-portrait. She, with the guidance of her parents, chose this custom corner seamless acrylic Prisma frame in complimentary colors. This piece is framed with museum glass and destined to be a family heirloom. We give her an A+.

Price range for 16 x 20 piece using top shelf custom framing and museum glass: $400 to $800


Learn more about Prisma frames here. 


Custom for less

Sara (age 5) is just back from an African safari with her family. Here is a small selection of the beasts they observed. Her Mom treasures it as a reminder of the trip but will not be hanging it over the mantle. They chose from our selection of Overstock Frames. Since we continually add new items, we always have 60 – 100 mouldings that are being rotated out. These frames are marked down 50 – 70% and can be ordered in any custom size.

Price range for 16 x 20 piece using Value custom framing and UV glass: $100 to $200 


Ready-Made Solutions

Steven (age 4) is obsessed with undersea life and whiles away his time illustrating his many deep sea diving explorations. He is so prolific that his parents wanted a display option that was more flexible. This frame is a standard 11 x 14, one of over fifty we have to choose from, and is finished so that the art can easily be changed out weekly or even daily as the artist dictates. Mom is enjoying her new role as playroom gallery curator.

Price range for 16 x 20 piece using Ready-made framing: $40 to $100