You'll never forget that special day, but it's still a great idea to frame mementos of the occasion...the dress, the invitations, the ketubah. There are limitless ways to frame the love.

Always for any kind of heirloom piece, we recommend archival frame materials and UV protective glass. 

The Ketubah


First of all, yes! We know what a ketubah is. Secondly, we have experience framing thousands of ketubahs over the last 39 years. Each one is unique, completely irreplaceable and a work of art that deserves the finest custom framing. We will find the right frame that is just as special as this sacred symbol of your union.

Don't worry, we'll make sure you're ready for "show and kvell". 


The First Date

This is the program she scribbled her number on with lipstick which he saved all these years. Your most romantic moments are all worth framing; the movie ticket stubs, the silly photo booth strip or the fancy dinner menu.

The Proposal

The romantic post-it note that says it all, the engagement ring made of tin foil, the label or cork from that evening's bottle of wine. There is almost no object that cannot be preserved and displayed, and we delight in helping to make it a great presentation.

The Invitation

Framing the happy couple's invitation is a very popular and thoughtful wedding gift. Our designers will create a unique layout and framing to complement the invitation and the couple's style.

Photo courtesy of Avery House Photography

Photo courtesy of Avery House Photography

Guest "Book" Matted Photograph

Instead of an actual book for guests to sign, a creative option is to have guests sign on a matboard surrounding a photo of the couple. We are able to print the photo as well as take care of the matting. After the wedding, those well wishes and sentiments from the day can be framed so you can bask in the love for years to come.

Photo courtesy of Jen Jansen Photography

Photo courtesy of Jen Jansen Photography

Say "Yes" To Framing The Dress!

Not everyone has space to frame and display the wedding dress, but for those who do it is a safe and archival way to preserve it–and much easier to view than when hidden away in a box. It's also nice to include other pieces from the outfit or the day, like the veil, jewelry, flowers or happy photos.

We will help choose all the right acid-free and archival materials to complement the dress and your space. It is important to hang the dress in an area with little temperature fluctuation and to avoid direct sunlight. We strongly recommend before framing that you take your dress to a professional cleaner to remove any stains or wrinkles. If you are in the Chicago area, we recommend taking the dress here.

You are invited to read our blog for more back story and info behind this shadow box.....

(A special note on pricing: the framed example shown here is 35" x 54" and approximately $2000. Your dress can be framed for more or less depending on the size and the materials chosen. Contact us for an individual quote or more information. Thanks!)

The Flowers

Flowers look great in a frame, but they should definitely be professionally preserved first. Flowers that are simply dried but not preserved are extremely fragile and not likely to survive the handling necessary for framing. There are florists who do this or you can consult the all-knowing internet for DIY tips. Once preserved, your entire bouquet or a portion can be put in a shadow box frame or an acrylic case for display. It's nice to include other pieces like the invitation or photos in the box as well.

Photo courtesy of Avery House Photography

Photo courtesy of Avery House Photography

The Photography

Most wedding photography stays hidden away in albums, but there are usually one or two amazing shots worth hanging on the wall. After all, you looked simply radiant that day. Frame one large hero image or group together smaller shots to tell the story of the day in pictures.

Photo courtesy of Avery House Photography

Photo courtesy of Avery House Photography

Thank You Gifts

Snapshots of the wedding party in ready-made photo frames make a great "thank you" gift after the wedding. Some frames can be customized with engraved plaques or even engraving on the frame itself.

Gift Cards

You can see by this long list, the new couple has a lot of framing to do. An Artists Frame Service Gift Card is a great wedding gift! Purchase and gift easily online here.

Frames at the Ceremony

Check out this blog we found with lots of suggestions for using empty frames as décor on the wedding day. You can find low cost empty frames for all kinds of creative projects at our monthly Sunday Frame Outlet Sales. Read more about the sale and sign up for email notifications here.