Chicago: Beyond The Loop

If you can dream it, an artist can draw it!

Being in the custom picture frame business, you get to see a lot of artwork. Some of it you see over and over and over. A popular frequent framer has always been the Chicago neighborhood map. And after looking at it so many times, we began to imagine how we would change it if we could. And so we have!

We found local architectural illustrator Phil Thompson of Cape Horn Illustration who listened to our wish list, took pencil to paper and created our vision of the Chicago landscape past and present.

Our map is drawn from an aerial angle looking west like you often do on approach to the city in an airplane. Prominent neighborhoods are labeled by their defining architectural landmark.  The border is full of fascinating vignettes of historical moments that have defined our city since its founding in 1876.

Comes in 4 frame options, or unframed as a single print.

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Shop Framed Art

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