Winning Strategies for Framing Sports Items


Most of us have a favorite sport and like to show our support by collecting special items, be it a signed jersey, a memorable photograph, or a ticket stub. The important thing is that it means something to you, and after you've taken the time to collect an item, your next decision is how to display it.

We have a lot of experience framing sports memorabilia, and below are a few of the things we've learned.


1. Jersey Framing.

Framed sports jerseys are a stunning showpiece on a wall, and are a great way to share your passion for a team or player. The first thing you need to decide is front or back, and then consider the best way to arrange the sleeves (folded back out of sight, or hanging straight, for example). How much of the jersey do you want to see -- the entire thing, or should it be folded down to only reveal a certain portion? With these decisions made, often jerseys are then sewn into place on the mat board of your choice, but we also offer what we call our Jersey Special, which works for most jerseys and provides a sleek, stylish option that's kind to your bank account. Click to learn more.

2. Color and Design.

Frames and mats come in an incredibly vast array of colors and styles, which allow you to really play with the design elements. Do you want mats that exactly match the team colors, or a textured mat in linen, silk, or suede? What about a wooden frame that looks like it's made from the same material as the baseball bat, or a leather-wrapped frame that compliments the glove or the ball? The possibilities are endless!

1st Bear Game for Little Guy.jpg

3. Protect and Preserve.

Many sports memorabilia items are one of a kind and irreplaceable, not to mention valuable! We always recommend that you use UV-glass/plexiglass as well as non-acidic materials on your treasured pieces, to keep them looking pristine for decades to come. We have years of experience handling delicate and meaningful keepsakes.

4. Other Elements.

There are more sports objects available than this humble framer can even think of! Jerseys, signed game balls, photos, pennants, and ticket stubs may be the first things that spring to mind, but it's possible to frame just about anything! If it means something to you, then it is worth framing. If you have multiple items related to the same player or team (or maybe you just want to have all your small sports objects in one frame) it's possible to collage them together. Some of the most visually interesting and creative designs come from these sorts of multi-item projects, so don't be shy! 

If you have further questions about framing sports memorabilia, or framing questions in general, please feel free to contact us. We are ready and willing to help!