What's Your Style?

When you walk into our showroom you're presented with a variety of frames: gold leaf, ornate, burl wood, sleek & shiny, patterned. With so many choices, it may seem impossible to find the "right" frame. Luckily, there's not just one right frame for any piece of art. To illustrate this idea our creative sales staff were given the task to frame the same print, each according to a different set of preferences.

Meg was given the challenge to cater the art to the tastes of a child’s playroom. The bold use of color make this fun, yet classic in style; a good combination to satisfy parents and children alike!

I was asked to keep the design focused on the art and not the frame or matting. My solution was a narrow silver metal frame and quiet, neutral matting to allow the butterfly print to stand out while keeping it in an archival setting.

Janet came up with a beautiful combination of materials and colors, which include a custom steel frame, ink line (that thin line of copper around the mat opening) and creative use of mat boards; all perfect for an urban and contemporary space, like a loft.

On any given day our customers come in with a plethora of unique ideas required to make their art stand out. As framers it is our job, nay, our duty, to understand what works best for each individual customer and narrow down the possibilities until we find a winning composition that works specifically for them.

So…. What’s your style?

Are you a lover of Arts & Crafts?

How about a diva?

Maybe you are more casual with a hint of tradition.

Do you like your framing to be elegant, yet refined?

How about classically ornate?

Are you inspired by Contemporary art, perhaps with a smidge of whimsy?

Perhaps you consider yourself to be more on the eclectic side.

See, there’s something for everyone and not a single piece looks out of place. Let us bask in our differences, because:

~Incredibly unique framing by all of your favorites!