The Dog Ate My Artwork

Gertrude is a loving, inquisitive and intelligent pup, but she's in the dog house now! 

Bad dog!

Bad dog!

When not chasing squirrels, enjoying long tummy rubs or licking her chow bowl clean, Gertrude's favorite hobby is dragging special items to her under-the-bed laboratory and chewing them to bits.  A recent evenings peace was disrupted when Laythen's girlfriend shrieked "Get out from under there!!". Seems Gertrude had found the one and only copy of a precious photo and in a matter of seconds had shredded it into a dozen pieces.

Laythen's girlfriend was devastated. The photo is a rare childhood image of her and her brother. Laythen was smart enough to collect all the pieces and bring them to us for a digital restoration. Luckily, everything was there except one corner which may or may not have been ingested! Gertrude isn't telling.

We were able to scan all the pieces and fit the puzzle back together again. All of the damage from bite marks, cracks and missing areas was painstakingly repaired, refilled and recreated. 

Laythen surprised his girlfriend with the newly restored photo print in a lovely desk frame - which will now be stored on a shelf well above dog height! Gertrude is still allowed to visit the apartment, but has to follow new strict guidelines. She's a keeper despite her taste for mischief!

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