Schmutz on Your Canvas? You Shoulda Been Here

Recently, conservators from Joel Oppenheimer Inc. came to our showroom to share their expertise and demonstrate their skills.

 Joel Oppenheimer gave a talk about conservation and restoration, showing many examples and taking questions from the crowd.

There were live demonstrations of conservation techniques throughout the workshop.  Here, we see the removal of a yellowed varnish layer from an oil painting. Cool, isn’t it?


A conservator’s space must be very tidy to do such delicate work. This table is set up for fiber-filling the tears in this artwork.

Those who brought in their artworks for a free consultation were able to talk to trained conservators about the condition of their art and received recommendations about what could be done to save their pieces.

A big thanks to the staff of Joel Oppenheimer Inc. who made this such an interesting and fun day. I’m sure we’ll have other great workshops and events in the future. So keep an eye out, world… AFS has got your art covered!

~This exuberant entry is compliments of framing aficionado Hanah.