Get Your Dream Frame

PRISMA! The stuff dreams are made of... 

Hot pink with midnight blue floral pattern that perfectly matches this artwork - only!

Where else would you be able to find a frame so perfect? It’s from our line of custom acrylic Prisma frames. Our lucky customer now has the only one like it in this whole entire world.

A Prisma can be completely custom ordered in your choice of pattern and color. Each frame is hand-crafted out of one seamless piece of acrylic. There is a unique magic to these frames due to the way light travels through the acrylic material that is unlike any other frame. 46 colors + 19 patterns + 2 finishes + multiple widths + 2 depths + 2 colors of base acrylic equal out to over 1 billion options! You truly can have a one-of-a-kind frame made to complement your artwork.

You can practice creating a Prisma frame for yourself using the on-line visualization software here. Upload an image of your artwork and go to town trying out all the options.

Are you an original one-of-a-kind? Finally get the frame that lets your personality shine! Bring in your art today and meet with one of our fabulous frame designers to view samples and get the amazing frame of your dreams.