Love and Framing To Last Forever

Love is forever…and so is good framing!

A couple of recent projects remind us that framing can be very romantic. 

Victor is giving this shadowbox of very special rose petals to his wife as an anniversary gift. It is all that remains of the wedding bouquet after thirty years of their shared life. The whole bouquet was dried and hung around the house for years and even survived a few moves.  It came apart many years ago when his wife threw it across the room during a particularly animated argument. This story has a good ending, though. They made up. They cleaned up. And Victor saved this one rosebud for many years. Now he is surprising his wife with the last framed flower from their wedding day thirty years ago.  

Did you know that the traditional Fourth Anniversary wedding gift is flowers? Christine came in with a Ziploc bag containing her husband’s wedding day boutonniere that she saved for four years. The flowers were not professionally preserved and so the petals were loose and going willy-nilly.  We carefully identified the most intact specimens and came up with an arrangement. Each petal was delicately glued into place and the entire creation fit into a shadow box frame. Christine voted for a simple typed “Happy 4th Anniversary” message and chose a yellow accent mat to match her wedding dress color.