It's Bunny Season!

Chicago has such a rich and interesting past and we truly love seeing and framing bits and pieces of that history. The original Playboy Club opened at 116 E. Walton in 1960. Within a year it was listed as the world's busiest club. Members of the exclusive club had to adhere to a strict dress code and present their bunny-logo key at the door for access to the lush and lascivious world within. 

Our customer's father was a key carrying member and lifelong fan of Hef and his bunnies. The pieces they brought to us for framing are an addition to an already large room of Playboy memorabilia. The items are a small brass plaque from the club and a little working doorbell. The challenge is to frame them along with a hidden working speaker that plays a little risque jazz number when the doorbell is pushed. 

We had to use our special bunny-eared thinking caps for this one! The speaker had to be hidden behind the fabric but with the mechanics in the right place so it would function when the doorbell is pressed. And the back needed to be accessible for changing the batteries from time to time. The project was completed with red plush velvet fabric and a mirrored finish frame to replicate the swank Playboy Club 60's decor. 

I think we have another thrilled customer! Take a closer look at the finished piece.....