Create Your Own Home Gallery

Designing a Gallery Wall
A smart grouping of frames brings personality to any room. Whether you choose a grid, a playful rhythm, or a more organic arrangement, you’ll be able to showcase photos and artwork easily by using these layout tips and visuals.

Tips To Create a Gallery Wall

  • Mixing new and old family portraits adds interest.

  • Mixing black and white with color photography is definitely allowed.

  • Consider including prints or illustrations that enhance family memories.

  • Mixing similar frames is more interesting than all the same. Uniformity is not mandatory. Repetition is nice. 

  • Lay out all the frames on the floor to find the configuration that works best or map out the installation on your wall by taping up brown paper cut to the size of your frames. 

  • Place a larger frame in the center of your arrangement to create a focal point.

  • For an ordered installation, line up all your frames by the outside edge.

Grid Arrangements
The easiest way to fill a wall — from four frames to a dozen or more, this design always makes a strong arrangement.

the simple grid

the simple grid

QUICK TIP: Having the space between every frame the same thickness of the frame itself creates a feeling of consistency.

Offsetting Your Grid
This arrangement balances a feeling of movement with symmetry, and it is easy to build on over time.

the offset grid

the offset grid

QUICK TIP: Using only two frame sizes makes it easy to create a pattern simply by flipping the top and bottom frames.

Organic Arrangements
These layouts invite eclectic mixing of sizes, frame, and styles. This works well for both large and small spaces.

THE simple organic 

THE simple organic 

the line up: an organic grid aligned alonng one axis.

the line up:
an organic grid aligned alonng one axis.

THE BLOCK:  an organic style grid, all outside aligned

an organic style grid, all outside aligned

QUICK TIP: For organic arrangements, align the frame edges along a vertical or horizontal axis to look deliberate, not messy.

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