Chicago Through the Lens

The day that a customer brought in this particular photo of the Uptown theater, I knew that AFS had to feature this artists’ work. Even now when I look at Tracey Capone’s photos on our Local Art Seen Here wall, I find myself mesmerized by the vibrant splashes of color and grittiness that she’s created in her city life vignettes. What's more enticing to me is that these pieces aren't the typical tourist snapshots. Rather, they find a refreshing balance of nostalgia and conscientious composition.

When I contemplate them further,  I'm not sure if the icing on top is the metallic paper that the photographs are printed on or the awesome frames around them. No. Strike that. It's definitely the framing. How can anyone resist Hiram's winning combination of cream mat with black core and Cinnamon Lollipop frame? The lines in the sign beckon for a mat like that to come out and play. And I'm quite certain the hot dog jumped off that fork and picked out the frame himself.

I suppose it’s needless to say that these guys have all of the framers here buzzing about which piece we want to take home. But Local Art Seen Here isn't for us—it's for you! It's for you to have the opportunity to experience the same awesome art that we get to see every day. It’s for you to be inspired. It's for you to take home and enjoy.

Come to the Lincoln Park showroom and see for yourself! And while you're at it, check out what else Tracey Capone is up to here. You'll find that there's more than just city-scapes; when she isn't capturing our city's best spots through her camera lens, she is finding quiet moments in the world around her.

~Nichole. Framing by all of us framers.