Are you nesting?

Art is in the eye of the beholder and artists come in many sizes, shapes and species!

Our customer brought us this amazing structure built by a pair of birds on her window ledge. She immensely enjoyed watching the daily progress of construction and then spying eggs, watching the parents care for little chicks who eventually flew away. The birds returned the next season, built on an addition and raised another brood. It's only after being sure the nest was not visited again that our customer removed it and brought it in to us for a display and preservation option. 


It's really an amazing piece of architecture made from twigs with plastic bits, packing tape, cigarette butts and random paper scraps interspersed.  We built a frame to sit flat on a table and acrylic case to cover and protect the nest. 

Sometimes custom framing is more "custom" than "framing". Have an odd object you'd like displayed and protected? We can help! View this gallery of interesting things we have had to contend with and please challenge us!!