Artists Frame Service Takes Manhattan!

This media mecca must be experienced first hand in order to understand exactly how chaotically quiet it is.

There’s something about the warmth of summer that beckons us to come out and play, to escape our daily routine in search of a little adventure. Fortunately for us photo frame wranglers at Artists Frame Service, the biannual gift show held in the Big Apple served as a lovely excuse to answer this whim. Indeed! We went in search of unique and exciting new frames just for you.

Almost as overwhelming as Times Square, the NY Now gift show was something of a treat.

Home & lifestyle goods from across the lands, all brought to one building in the middle of Manhattan. 

We saw almost 2,800 different booths, all filled with colorful, sleek, and sometimes delicious products. The vendors in these booths often reminded me of a bazaar: smiling faces continually inviting us to step into their shop-ette to experience their wares. Now and then we would stop and feign interest, but usually we simply smiled back and continued on. We were on a mission.

Though, this guys' request was rather difficult to resist.

After three days and almost 40,000 steps (thanks,  Humana Fit!) of scouring booth upon booth we found some spectacular desk frames and photo albums that will be here in time for the holidays.

You probably want to see everything we brought back. So sorry! That must wait until all of the shipments are in. For now, I give thee a morsel to maintain intrigue.

Ta da! 

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