A Year in Imaging

A little over a year ago, Artists Frame Service added digital imaging services to complement our legendary custom framing. Let's have a little chat with our resident Master Printer (The Wiz) to find out how it's going...

the wiz... contemplating

the wiz... contemplating

How does printing fit into the normal Artists Frame Service offerings?

Being able to print art as well as frame it is an amazingly synergistic (did I seriously just use the word "synergistic"? ugh) situation. Since places like Wolf are gone, there just aren't many places left in Chicago to get a high-quality photo printed. We're happy to be able to fill that void and to bring our same attention to detail and service to printing.

What kinds of projects are people bringing you for printing?

We get a lot of candid snapshots from special events like weddings and parties, and a lot of vintage family photographs that need to be scanned and reprinted for sharing. We also get a small but growing number of artists who want digital versions of their original artworks to be able to offer editions of prints in addition to originals.

What's the most challenging project someone has brought you over the past year?

I'm not sure if it was the most challenging, but we recently did some work that I think turned out real well. A customer brought us this teeny tiny oval antique family portrait that is about 60 years old. It was very cracked, brittle, and precious. We took a hi-resolution scan of it and were able to retouch and recreate a lot of the missing information. We then reprinted the image slightly larger and in multiple copies to share among the family. 

Before and after

Before and after


What kinds of projects do you like working on the most?

I may sound like a bit of a broken record here, but it's pretty magical to return a damaged image to a state where you can see the actual content and not just all the damage it's suffered. Or to take faded, discolored, barely legible vintage photos and restore information that's barely there and that would otherwise be lost.

 Conversely, I also enjoy removing people, stray electric lines, etc. from snapshots.

severe water damage, before and after

severe water damage, before and after

How long does a project like this take?

Scanning and color correcting or retouching usually adds just a few days onto our regular framing turn-around. 

What should people do if they have something at home they want scanned or printed? 

They should bring it in anytime and meet with one of our framing consultants to discuss. Or they can upload directly from this website here. Someone will be in touch to discuss how we can help.